Aivono AIM Pro 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape



Aivono Aim PRO is the disposable vape pen with top 850mAh battery, could reach 1500 puffs,nice quality vape and good taste,so hot sale in the market.6.5ML E liquid fill in the vape could last smoke serval days. 10 excellent flavors are available:lychee ice|strawberry cantaloupe|strawberry passion fruit|blueberry ice|strawberry guava|orange soda|watermelon lemon ice|coca cola ice|Cranberry lemon|banana papaya

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0%, 2%, 5%


:lychee ice, strawberry cantaloupe, strawberry passion fruit, blueberry ice, strawberry guava, orange soda, watermelon lemon ice, coca cola ice, Cranberry lemon, banana papaya


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