Ainovo Aim Bingo 4000puffs Disposable Vape Device Alternative to Elux



Ainovo AIM Bingo is a unrechargeable disposable vape device altertive to Elux. 1000mAh good buit-in battery with 1.2ohm mesh coils make the max watt power. Its 10ml capacity juice tank in the square body last puffs up to 4000. Three grades of nicotine strength and 12 flavor available:blue raspberry|grape ice|energy drink|Cranberry lemon|mango lychee|double apple|lush ice|strawberry watermelon|white peach grapefruit|orange passionfruit guava|mango pineapple peach|apple peach banana papaya

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0%, 2%, 5%


blue raspberry, grape ice, energy drink, Cranberry lemon, mango lychee, double apple, lush ice, strawberry watermelon, white peach grapefruit, orange passionfruit guava, mango pineapple peach, apple peach banana papaya


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